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*Our REACH is in the MILLIONS
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Gender:  Female 60% - Male 40%

Average Age Range: 18-44

Social Media Savvy: 85 %

Average Ticket Price: $90 

  • hiTechMODA is rated as the #1 independent fashion production company. 
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The Company 
Designing Opportunities Since 2018

Combining traditional fashion shows with the latest innovative fashion-centric high tech and the new “thinking of fashion”.

Award-winning hiTechMODA combines traditional fashion shows with the latest innovations and the new “thinking of fashion”.  We are a cutting-edge runway production company. Every season, hiTechMODA focuses on featuring established, emerging, and Indie fashion designers and identifying current marketing trends plus aligning with new thought leaders who are committed to transforming the way industry operates today.


After the disruption in the supply chain, brick and mortar stores closing, how designers can reach their audience has radically changed. There are opportunities in disruption, you have to be able to pivot quickly. We believe the future of Fashion is new technology, sustainable, and available to anyone, anywhere, empowering consumers and designers/brands alike. From our first season in 2018 to now, our mission has always been to inspire, empower and encourage anyone who brings their talent to our runway and fashion talent worldwide. We work to create an event that pulls together elements of our designer creativity expressed on the runway, we work to create opportunities specifically tailored to you. hiTechMODA does this by providing a professional, affordable runway with high-quality production held at state-of-the-art venues.

Our mission is designing opportunities, and everything we do is with that in mind. We specialize in providing avenues for emerging new-to-market and young prodigy designers, up-and-coming and aspiring models of all ages, shapes, and sizes, photographers, and videographers. In addition, we also specialize in bringing in a host of interns and volunteers from some of the region's most prestigious fashion design and business schools.


We are hiTechMODA. 

PS Privette (Pamela)
CEO, Producer and Curator

Award-winning producer known for employing emerging technology and trends to create stand-out and original productions.  Her diverse professional career experiences have allowed her to easily adapt and excel in many industries and provided her the foresight to merge technology with fashion in a whole new way to deliver it to a broad audience.  


With the keen ability to identify up-and-coming trends, she has quickly moved the production company through NYC.  PS Privette has the proven ability to lead a production to success, this drive has created a successful atmosphere within the brand and has many many loyal fans and repeaters on the stage.  "Building successful two-sided relations is crucial in the industry.  This is created by communications, respecting swim lanes and contacts.  These are a few of the foundations of creating a solid business". 

hiTechMODA Runway

hiTechMODA’s first runway show was in September of 2018, with 13 designers and 260 models. Our September 2021 fashion show had 38 designers and 760 models supporting the rapid growth of the runway. Since then, hiTechMODA has produced shows in each NYFW season, and the only NYFW fashion show that produced a LIVE event during the midst of the 2020 pandemic. In July 2021, hiTechMODA moved outside of NYC by having a successful fashion show in Orlando, Florida, hiTechMODA NY South, Orlando Swim Week and Charlotte. Our runway attracts professional models and influencers. In September 2022, hiTechMODA produced their first International show in Paris, continuing to Milan, and returning back to Paris in September 2024. 

The ReGen Runway ®

The ReGen Runway is committed to the world environment through the use of following the discipline and live-style created within the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.   Although almost all of hiTechMODA designers are sustainable by creating zero waste, the ReGen Runway is the most disciplined in this area.

Emerging Designers

The new up-and-coming designers in the fashion industry.  hiTechMODA provides them with a high visibility platform to showcase their talents. "This is an important runway and one I will be building out as we travel throughout the country and internationally. There is a lot of talent out there and I would like to highlight it on our stage."  

Designing New Trends

In July, 2021 hiTechMODA headed to Florida to host the very first New York Fashion Week- styled fashion event in Orlando, hiTechMODA South. The timing was perfect to introduce yet another original concept to Central Florida and Orlando Swim Week was born. Modeled after the famed Miami Swim Week concept, Orlando Swim Week was a huge success and hiTechMODA will be returning to Orlando in 2022 for a repeat performance.


With the success of Orlando Swim Week, hiTechMODA sought to bring the concept back to NYFW and created NYC Swim to showcase up-and-coming swimwear and swim fashion designers during its Season 6 show in September, 2021.