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Ukraine's Flourishing Brand, "by Vel"

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

"by Vel" is a Ukrainian designer brand that designs clothing for children. Each collection outfit is made by hand because their designs are exclusive. All outfits in their collections are creative and unique and tell their own story.

Social Media

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About the Designer

Vel Yurchenko poses with one of her models
Vel Yurchenko poses with one of her models

Vel Yurchenko

Vel Yurchenko is 33 years old and the designer of "by Vel." She created "by Vel" four years ago. Before launching her brand, Vel created a designer brand called "Bijouterie". "Bijouterie" created unique dresses with stones and many other decorations.

Today, "by Vel" is well-known in Ukraine and other European areas.


Collection: "by Vel. for Madonna Akhtar"

Vel describes her new collection as a "new chapter in our history." 70% of these outfits were handmade with a unique signature style recognizable to the brand. The Victorian Era of Ukraine inspires this collection. Ruffles and lace were fabrics used in this collection because it was a popular design in the Victorian Era. Complex patterns, weaves, and embroideries originate from the history of Ukraine, which is shown on the models above and can be seen throughout the brand. This collection was also inspired by Madonna Akhtar, who became the "by Vel" girl in Fashion Week 23/24. Madonna Akhtar made history by entering a championship at age four as a competitor against adults. Vel says that Madonna's motivation to win "speaks sharply in our hearts."


About hiTechMODA

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2023 Events

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NYFW hiTechMODA Season 10 - September 8-10, 2023 - Gotham Hall

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